About ImaYa

Coastal Shipping to the World

ImaYa was an official merchant of Hagi Domain (or Choshu Domain, present-day: Yamaguci prefecture) during the Edo period (1600-1868), transporting rice of the Domain to the Osaka market by our ships.

Most of the documents were destroyed by fire due to repeated large local fires. A surviving ship’s chest is dated 1826, which indicates that the shipping business was operated at this time.

After the opening of the country, cargoes were switched to coal in anticipation of the new demand.

Coal mines were developed in the suburbs and the company was a merchant carrier, responsible for purchasing and transporting coal to the Osaka area, a major consumption centre.

The heir at the time, Zenichi Imai, led the ship from the tender age of 11 and is reported to have been praised by his business partners, who said, ‘Look at his great spirit’.

However, World War II forced the shipping industry out of business.

The CEO inherited the passion of ImaYa and aspirations for foreign trade, and he worked for a major trading and shipping company after completing postgraduate master’s degree in the merchant marine,

He then established Japan’s first private sail training ship, operated a public tall ship and has been involved in global business from Europe to North and Central America, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Through coordinating business with foreign countries, the company made acquaintances with key figures in various countries, one of which was Bulgaria.

We have also developed our involvement in wine and other alcoholic beverages through our work in agricultural IoT and data science related to wine.

ImaYa started to deal with wines and other beverages at the same time as the accession of our present Emperor.
The trade is now going global, offering the finest alcoholic beverages from Bulgaria and other countries.

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